Effects of Meditation and Hair Growth

Meditation has been known for being the answer to helping you find yourself, and understand the life around you, by creating an increased awareness.

The problem is, people who suffer from earthly things, disease, or even silly problems like hair loss, you don’t want to have deeper meanings of life, you want a solution to the pain in the ass hair loss or whatever it is.

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The funny thing is, when you meditate, that is what you actually can get – this is because meditation not only helps calm your nervous system, but also helps with balancing the emotions and calming the nerves – when you do it at least for 3 months, daily – your brain wiring already starts changing, and you naturally look younger by the brightness on your face.

The cool thing is, that this can also help with hair growth. But the trick is to not approach it for the sake of hair growth, because meditation is too sacred to be just as a hair growth tool, or even a stress relief tool – it is much more than that – but only practice will tell you what it is, and you won’t find the words for this – besides, if you are really worried about hair growth, then you can apply some of these hair products via this link: https://medium.com/@thickenhair/hair-thickening-products-best-rated-hair-thickening-products-a0bbebe69c32

Visualization is a technique that is used after a 20-minute meditation session – you can use this for helping stop inflammation in the scalp, increase hair growth as well as stop hair from falling out.

By doing a scalp massage regularly, you only will further help this even further, as you are physically also doing it – but you should first try doing it with meditation and visualization afterwards, which is a powerful thing especially if you do it constantly.