Mixing coins during the transaction with BestMixer.io

 crypto currency

The bitcoin system offers the mix of transparency and anonymity. The reason for such mixing is to make everything clear witting the system and still protect the users. Thereby, all the transactions in the system are opened to users. Improve the anonymity with BestMixer.io.

The economic nature of bitcoin

There is no general point of view on the economic nature of bitcoin. In particular, P. Krugman, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics of 2008, recalls that money is a means of circulation and a means of preserving value. He raises the question – what determines the cost of bitcoin. He does not have an exact answer to this, but he claims that he has a good answer to what determines the value of the US dollar. He writes about the collection of US taxes by the Fed and the behavior of the US Federal Reserve System, which limits the number of dollars.

Can we call the bitcoin money?

It is important to note here that in fact, P. Krugman collects together elements of the theory of cardinalism and elements of the quantitative theory of money, which in the opinion of other economists is not very correct:

  • He points out that bitcoin is not a universally accepted means of payment – only those who participate in this network pay bitcoin.
  • Another serious argument in favor of the fact that bitcoin is not money, in his opinion – is the threat of deflation, since bitcoin can only be a limited number.

The anonymity of the system

The highest anonymity of the system is also not so popular for the usual currency, where each member leaves many trails. If the owner of the cryptocurrency will use the BestMixer.io to mix coins during the transaction, it will be impossible to track the sender and the receiver.