Natural Beauty Products Revealed

More women today are tossing out their old beauty products and replacing them with natural products. The reasons for this decision may vary. Some women may choose natural products because they are concerned with potential health risks. They may want to avoid exposing their skin to the artificial ingredients that many unnatural products contain. There are also many women with sensitive skin who are drawn to natural products. The reason for this is that natural beauty products are much gentler on the skin, resulting in less irritation. Another reason women gravitate towards natural products is that they believe less is more. Natural products are typically lighter, resulting in a more natural look. Natural beauty products are not necessarily designed to cover ones flaws, but to bring out , enhance and retain ones true beauty.

Natural Beauty Products

Organic Beauty Products

The popularity of organic beauty products has skyrocketed, and the reason for this is that many women are looking for products that are chemical-free. The natural ingredients in these products are a definite bonus for women with skin sensitivity or allergy issues. Click the link for a full set of beauty tips.

Naturally organic beauty products are known to be more gentle on the skin, making the skin smoother. These products result in a healthier and more youthful complexion. These types of products are less likely to clog pores. and for many users with skin problems the result is fewer breakouts.

The Effects of Paraben

Makeup and cosmetics that are not comprised of natural ingredients may contain toxic chemicals. In some cases, the ingredients on these products are difficult to decipher. Understanding and knowing exactly what we are putting on our face and body is essential to our very health.

Paraben, a widely-used ingredient in makeup has been known to cause skin irritation and in some instances, dermatitis. In addition, a 2004 study in the Journal of Applied Toxicology detected parabens in breast tumours, however the results of the study did not conclude that parabens actually cause cancer.

Fragrance-free Cosmetics

Fragrance-free cosmetics have grown in popularity. This may be due to a number of women claiming sensitivity to makeup. Many women have come to believe that this sensitivity is largely due to the preservatives, dyes and fragrances contained in the makeup. Fragrances in cosmetics have also been a problem for allergy sufferers. This might explain the substantial growth of not just fragrance-free makeup, but of bath and body products as well.

Pure Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup has become quite popular due to its Earth-based ingredients. These ingredients have been credited with having made the product more skin-friendly.

There are some mineral makeups that may contain preservatives. Therefore, it is particularly important to read the label and one must avoid the assumption that the words “pure mineral” mean just that.

Timeless Secrets to Natural Beauty

Natural beauty products have existed for quite some time and many women have been using them without even knowing it. Take for example aloe vera; this plants extracts have been used for healing burns and soothing a raging sunburn. Another example of a long-used natural beauty product is olive oil. Olive oil is known to be an ancient secret of beauty. Many Europeans, past and present, have used olive oil as a part of their beauty regimen.

Natural and Organic Beauty Products

Natural and organic-based products can range from body cleansers to makeups and moisturizers, and they may be used on the face, hair or body depending on the specific product.

They can contain honey, flower, plant or fruit extracts and natural oils. As the offerings of nature are is the wide variety of natural ingredients that may be found in natural beauty products.